Investment Tools

Investment tools facilitate extensive analysis, comparison, and organization of investments and their role is very crucial, particularly because of the complexity and volume of data associated with any investment. Investment tools assume various forms and we cover some of the most basic investment tools that any investor must have access to.

Worksheets and spreadsheets

At the most basic level, worksheets and spreadsheets, even simple Excel spreadsheets, facilitate the tabulation, analysis, comparison, and evaluation of investments. These spreadsheets are invaluable in their role as investment tools and facilitate effective management of the overall investment strategy.

Research tools

Investment research tools facilitate comprehensive research and analysis of stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds, and other asset classes. Research tools are invaluable as investment tools and provide much-needed information to facilitate data analysis and selection. Included in this category of investment tools is analyst reports and industry data.


A variety of calculators facilitate wise investment decisions. The calculators assume various forms, such as mutual fund cost calculators, risk meters, tax calculators, loan calculators, savings calculators, estimators, and a variety of other calculation and risk estimation tools.

Stock screeners

Stock screeners, as the name suggests, help investors screen and get a quick picture of various stocks and their performance. Summary information is included as well.

Simulation tools

Simulation tools are often under-utilized, though very valuable investment tools that allow investors to simulate market conditions and other variables without ever investing a dime. From both training and a practice perspective, these investment tools are invaluable assets.

Additionally, stock pickers, trading software, and industry news aggregators are also very important investment tools.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended as investment advice. You must check with a qualified professional before making any investment decision.